Mobile Marketing Services

“Engage your customers with the worlds most effective marketing channel.. Mobile”

Scott Threlfall
Head of Mobile at GCI

Our mobile devices are now a part of our daily lives more than ever before. We use our phone for shopping, taking pictures and videos, as a clock, a payment device, calendar and much more.

Sending someone a message via their mobile device is not only a part of our everyday life now but customers expect to receive them and most prefer text as a form of unobtrusive communication.

Simply put, if your not using the mobile channel as a key part of your omni-channel strategy then you are playing catch up because your competitors are. Your customer expects texts from you, they want to receive offers and rewards. notifications and alerts. In our always switched on world, text provides that instant response that we all crave.

As specialists in Mobile Marketing and Applications, we offer a wide range of solutions to suit all budgets and needs. We offer standard SMS and Voice Gateways through to our highly intelligent cloud based mobile marketing solution SMART Messenger.

We have highly innovative bolt on propositions for Digital Coupons & Loyalty through our Digital Loyalty module which allow you to send a reward to your customers which can redeemed online or in-store allowing you to offer your customers an end to end customer life cycle focusing on loyalty and retention.

Send a customer a video to watch or a letter to read, track and report on call to action status. Ask a customer for more details for your database and audit their responses before they are sent over to your third party CRM or Contact Center for further action.

Whatever your use case for Mobile Marketing, we have a solution that ticks all the boxes.

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