Managed Service GSM Gateways

Looking to convert your fixed landline calls to mobile to mobile?

A GSM Gateway is a device which converts your fixed landline to Mobile calls into Mobile to Mobile calls. These calls are much cheaper as they are directed through the Gateway directly over the mobile network, using the cheaper mobile tariff.

With no effect to your current fixed line service or contract.  The GSM Gateway solution does not affect your current fixed line service or contract. It is a separate piece of equipment which simply intercepts outbound calls to mobile phones.

Increase propensity to contact customers / prospects first time. When making a call through a gateway, customers are now choosing to present the caller line identification (CLI) from each mobile SIM supplied with the gateway.

Enabling your customers to take advantage of these valuable inbound calls. By presenting the mobile numbers within the gateway and setting a simple divert up on all the SIMS in the gateway, inbound calls back to these mobile numbers are routed to the most effective location, thus enabling you to maximize on the benefits of these valuable inbound calls as efficiently as possible

Save Money

Typically save over 50% on traditional SMSC route costs!

Support Services

Thirty minute response time between 8am and 6pm!

Remote Diagnostics

Our systems perform checks on your equipment every 30 mins!

How do we do it?

Site Survey

Prior to a final agreement or commitment, Blue Moon Telecom will complete a full professional site survey of your premises. Including a detailed explanation of what equipment will be required, how it will look and where it will be housed. This of course will be a two-way conversation.

Roll Out

A full roll out plan will be detailed and agreed including the live dates of SIMS, attendance of engineers and the work they are required to complete. Typically, an install can be completed 7 – 10 days from your final approval. On-site installation work can take between 1hr-4hr, however requires little or no downtime. Engineering time is booked for the day.

Nursery Period

Blue Moon Telecom will provide an initial period of daily live monitoring along with consistent feedback on performance of the installed solution. By working closely with your site’s technical staff Blue Moon Telecom ensures a right first time install allowing any required changes to be identified and quickly catered for. An engineering resource is there at your disposal.

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