Managed Service SMS Gateways

Need cheap, reliable text messaging?

The Blue Moon Telecom Managed Service SMS Gateway provides a cost-effective way to send large volumes of SMS messages to your customers or prospects, by utilizing the in-built SMS Campaigner option or through integration into your existing CRM system or database applications utilizing the Gateway API.

Our SMS Gateway Solution can typically provide a saving in excess of 50% over the alternative 3rd party solutions using SMSC service, thus providing an immediate gross saving on messaging costs.

Save Money

Typically save over 50% on traditional marketing costs

Managed Service

Piece of mind as we take care of everything!

Secure & Flexible

Link to third party systems without comprising quality!

Additional licencing options are available to allow for the following:

SMTP support, providing Email2SMS and SMS2Email, with user level control, white lists, and header and footer management.

An SMS Campaigner with scheduler for bulk SMS sending at a time to suit your needs, which includes an Interactive Message Response (IMR) application that provides a response based automatic two-way messaging solution, ideal for call centres, service providers and marketing orientated businesses.

The SMS Gateway integrates with MySQL for all sent and received messages, allowing applications to be written that can trigger events within 3rd party systems, such as call backs, based on the message response. A typical example of this is where an appointment confirmation SMS is sent out requiring a reply of “OK” to confirm or “CALL ME” to rearrange. A reply of “OK” could set a value in a booking system to confirm that a customer has indicated their intention to attend. Whereas a reply of “CALL ME” could add the mobile number to an agent dialler list or trigger an even for a receptionist to call the customer back.

Received SMS messages can also be forwarded to a dedicated Email address or delivered to an application server using HTTP POST. 

Real-time reporting information is available through the Hypertools® software allowing greater visibility and reporting of the efficiency of message sends or campaigns.

Want to know more? Ask for a product sheet?

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