SMART Messenger Mobile Marketing & Loyalty Platform

SMART Messenger is our carrier grade, mobile marketing platform. Its an agile, omni-channel product with a modular software stack. SMART Messenger delivers real-time, multi-channel digital communications and offers through our multi-patented messaging platform.

  • Integrates easily into existing business systems
  • Deliver relevant SMS, MMS & Rich Media messaging
  • Supports multiple digital media
  • Campaigns and reporting in real time

We help businesses to reduce costs, enhance their mobile strategy, improve their customer experience and accelerate their innovation.

SMART Messenger – Features & Benefits

Key Features

  • Creation of integrated and highly-sophisticated mobile marketing campaigns using SMS, MMS, mobile site creation, coupons and rewards, and voice response
  • Easy-to-use web interface which can be a managed solution or a self-service tool
  • Design customisation
  • Scalable platform supports millions of mobile messages and page views each month
  • Support for all phones in the market
  • Carrier-grade message delivery system
  • Real-time access to sophisticated, graphical reporting tools and analysis
  • Mobilisation of creative interactive services (downloads, competitions, content etc.
  • Digital Coupons & Loyalty module

Key Benefits

  • Flexibility of tools lets you customize the route to market, timings and customer experience
  • Increased response rates through personalized / customized messaging
  • Gain customer insights to better understand your target market’s behavior and demands
  • Cost-effective method of communicating with your audience
  • Interactive capabilities and two-way communication enhances customer experience to improve penetration, retention and loyalty
  • Integrate with traditional marketing channels to extend reach
  • Deliver a complete brand presence through mobile
  • Use Gamified Coupons to boost call to action and increase loyalty rates for your customers

6 Reasons to use SMART Messenger!

Mobile Ready!

Mobile ready cloud based marketing platform


Intuitive User Interface makes working with us easy.

Cost Effective!

Affordable platform with measurable ROI and real time statistics!

Customer Data!

Collect Big Data from your customers

Omni – Channel!

Interact with customers on many channels!


Create on brand digital communications!

Let’s build something together.

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